In 1980 the Ultralloy range of special welding alloys was launched in the South African market with the aim to offer not only superior welding consumables for maintenance and repair, but also advise and teach welders in the mining industry and industry in general how best to use and apply Ultralloy electrodes and rods when repairing machinery or prolong the in-service life of mining machinery.

Here is some information on only a few of the electrodes in our extensive range...


Ultralloy-68 -

Way back in 1980 Ultralloy-68 soon became the most popular alloy as this electrode, due to its great versatility, today is the big problem solver. The extraordinary tensile strength of 900N/mm with its 20% elongation allows the welder to weld medium and high carbon steels as well as manganese and chrome nickel steels. Welding successfully truck chassis, axles, or springs not only gives your welder the opportunity to save big in down-time, but gives him job satisfaction as-well-as pride in his job.


Ultralloy-96 -

When it comes to welding cast-iron the Ultralloy-96 is the star for its versatility. Not only can you basically weld any type of cast-iron with Ultralloy-96, but also cast-iron to mild steel is successfully welded without cracking.


Ultralloy-990 -

When total machinability is required, Ultralloy-990 is the undisputed leader. With its specially formulated flux-coating Ultralloy-990 may be welded at lowest possible amperage thus giving you full machinability without the hard zone at the inter-face.


For more information on other alloys look at the Ultralloy Wallchart or Contact Us directly and talk to Carl, our knowledgeable MD with over 44 years of experience in the field of special welding!


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