Hoverdale 'TOB' Scraper


The Hoverdale logo - website-TOB Conveyor Belt Cleaner offers the customer the best solution for primary belt scraper applications. It’s unique automatic tensioning system ensures continuous blade pressure even as the blade wears. The ‘talon’ shaped blade directs material off the conveyor belt toward the chute as required.

The Hoverdale logo - website-TOB Type Conveyor Belt Cleaner

  • provides you with an highly effective primary scraper ensuring continuous, automatic adjustment
  • belt-friendly blade compounds ensure long-life with no damage to belt
  • prevents jamming of rollers and idlers
  • reduces spillage along the conveyor structure


  • ‘talon’-shaped blade ensures optimum blade contact with conveyor belt even as the blades wears, sweeping material off the belt
  • the blade unit is a cartridge system designed for easy replacement
  • the system is belt-friendly and damage-free operation is assured
  • automatic tensioning system ensures continuous blade contact with belt
  • blade size ensures scraping where you need it most
  • a choice of blades


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