Hoverdale 'C' Scraper


With conventional conveyor belt cleaners the blades exist in a single line across the length of the belt, the result is that the central blade tips wear more than the outer ones because the bulk of carry-back material exists in the centre of the belt. This wear pattern results in a gap appearing in the centre of the blade allowing carry-back material through resulting in spillage along the length of the conveyor belt structure.


The Hoverdale logo - website-C Conveyor Belt Cleaner

  • saves you money
  • prevents jamming of rollers and idlers
  • reduces spillage along the conveyor structure

Hoverdale logo - website-C Assembly


  • The blade unit is a cartridge system designed for easy replacement
  • The system is belt-friendly and damage-free operation is assured
  • Outstanding performance on sticky materials due to the unique design and its ability to apply maximum pressure in the centre of the belt
  • Clog-free operation
  • Robust construction makes the ‘C’ type suitable for heavy duty, high speed conveying systems
  • A choice of blades.

All-in-all the Hoverdale-C offers you the best belt cleaning option available, with low maintenance, and unsurpassed cleaning performance!


See the Hoverdale logo - website- C in action here! (this is a 6MB file, it may take sometime to download!)

Hoverdale-C Assembly


Installed Scraper


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