Hoverdale Conveyor Belt Scrapers


Ultralloy'sHoverdale logo - websitebrand of conveyor belt scrapers offers our clients unsurpassed conveyor belt cleaning performance. The unique Hoverdale logo - website Conveyor Belt Scraper is the world's leading conveyor belt cleaner, ensuring perfectly clean conveyor belts, low maintenance, long blade-life, and class leading belt-friendliness.


The range comprises the following conveyor belt scrapers:

  • Hoverdale logo - website-C Conveyor Belt Scraper - the world leading secondary scraper Read More
  • Hoverdale logo - website-TOB Conveyor Belt Scraper - offering unsurpassed cleaning for hard-to-get places with a primary scraper Read More
  • Hoverdale logo - website-V-Plough Conveyor Belt Scraper - ensuring the inside of your belt remains squeaky clean! Read More


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